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Clarify (Rosemary Essential Oil) - 0.5oz / 15ml


  • Increase your focus and clarity with our Rosemary essential oil. Rosemary comes from an aromatic evergreen shrub that is part of the mint family.

    Its distinctive, woody aroma naturally calms the mind and aids in increasing your mental awareness.

    Our Rosemary oil has many versatile benefits that sooth your body and soul. In ancient times Rosemary oil was thought to strengthen memory and increase concentration.

    Give yourself a stimulating scalp massage with our Rosemary oil to promote an abundance of full and healthy hair.

    Much like many of our other essential oils, the use of Rosemary oil is very diverse.

  • Our essential oils may be applied topically or enjoyed aromatically.

    ● Diffuse in an essential oil diffuser.

    ● Add 1-2 drops to bowl of steaming water to vaporize or apply several drops to cotton balls for dry evaporation.

    ● Apply topically to targeted areas on body & massage.

    ● Combine a few drops with water to dilute it (May also be added to bath water)


    ● Pet Friendly


    ● Benefits- Antioxidant & anti-inflammatory