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Heart Chakra - with Rose Quartz Gemstones | 8oz / 236ml


  • Encompass your heart with the irresistible aroma of rose. Indulge your blissful and caring spirit with our relaxing Rose oil-based Rose Quartz room spray.

    Rose essential oil is shown to reduce feelings of worry and stress thus aiding to soothe this chakra. Cultivate compassion and emotional healing through your Heart Chakra with the ultimate love stone, Rose Quartz. This Chakra represents our emotional power and is what propels us to enhance our emotional development, embodying a sweet wisdom that teaches us the ways of love. Rose Quartz helps to enrich the love we have for ourselves and others, as well as releasing emotional blockages within our heart.

    Become unencumbered by overthinking and ease into the relaxation this scent brings. Spray generously all around to warm your heart and allow you to give & receive love.

  • •Give the bottle a gentle shake before each use to enhance your experience.

    •Spray into the open air to neutralize and cleanse your favorite spaces such as your car, office or bedroom. Mist over linens and clothes to lightly freshen them up as most of our essential oils contain antimicrobial properties.

    •Instead of using harsh chemical-based perfumes, spritz our room spray over your body and breathe deeply to experience sensory and serene benefits.

  • Organic Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel), Aqua (Distilled Water), Rosa Centifolia (Rose) Flower Extract Oil, Phenoxyethanol (Optiphen), & Rose Quartz (Gemstone)