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Protect (Citronella Essential Oil) - 0.5oz / 15ml


  • Ward off negativity with our Citronella essential oil. From the leaf of a tall grass in Asia, Citronella oil is known as a powerful repellant that protects and preserves the space around you.

    When used in aromatherapy, it enhances mental clarity and increases concentration. Its antiseptic properties offer many benefits to fight infections and its refreshing citrus-like aroma is the perfect essential oil to ward off bacteria or microbes. With its antifungal properties it helps to eliminate the growth of fungus in wounds.

    Citronella oil is also commonly known to be a powerful bug & insect repellant. When used topically Citronella essential oil can deodorize and drive away body odor.

    It may also be mixed with bath water to rejuvenate your mind and body.

  • Our essential oils may be applied topically or enjoyed aromatically.

    ● Diffuse in an essential oil diffuser.

    ● Add 1-2 drops to bowl of steaming water to vaporize or apply several drops to cotton balls for dry evaporation.

    ● Apply topically to targeted areas on body & massage.

    ● Child Safe

    ● Pet Friendly


    ● Benefits- Insect Repellant & skin soothing